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Cute Coffee Mugs // Young Mountain Tea review //

**This is a sponsored, unbiased post written by Loren Ferguson  Young Mountain Tea.**

Cute Coffee Mugs // Young Mountain Tea review //

Born and raised in Texas, tea is a must. Typically, cold sweet tea is my go-to, but as the weather is FINALLY getting a little cooler I am testing out some hot tea! Thanks Young Mountain Tea for sponsoring this post!

I was very intrigued with Young Mountain Tea when I heard of it. I am all for companies reaching out and helping the community with great practices. Young Mountain Tea supports one system or another, ecologically and socially. This is an incredibly inspiring company. They are working with farmers in north India into the Himalayan foothills of the Kumaon region. “Just like wine, the growing conditions of the plant has a huge influence on the way the tea tastes. By bringing tea to new soils and working with farmers to do it, we’re building a new tea region that supports its people and ecosystems.”

I am use to earl grey tea and all the other typical hot tea here in the US so I was very excited to try something so unique and exotic. I received Indi’s Gold and Assam Whole Leaf team to try out. The tea is packaged in a cute kraft pouch with details on the back about the tea and where it is from. I love that! The details give you a real insight to the tea and really helps you understand what this amazing company is doing for these remote villages.

First off let me tell you – these yummy teas are a great excuse to go out and get some of those hilariously cute tea infusers! Here are some of my favorite ones:

Indi’s Gold is a whole-leafs black tea from the Nilgiri Mountains. Produced in small batches by veteran grower Indi Khanna. I was so surprised to go on Young Mountain’s website and see a video straight from Indi talking about the Indi’s Gold tea! I can’t describe this tea any better than Young Mountain Tea does – it is a “spicy, bright, fruity tea unlike any other”. I have never tasted anything like it and was literally sad when I reached the end of the cup.

Assam Whole Leaf is from the tropical plains by the Brahmaputra River. The strongest of Indian teas, this whole leaf black comes from India’s first tea region. The tropical Assam plain that stretches between the Himalayas and the Indian Ocean is also home to the only other known indigenous tea plant outside of China. Its full body produces a richly, malty, robust liquor that takes well to milk and sugar. I love me some milk and sugar! :) This was a very interesting tea – I was surprised at the rich taste, but after the first sip the more I drank of it the more I loved it. The milk and sugar gave it just enough sweetness to make it smooth and delicious.

Cute Coffee Mugs // Young Mountain Tea review //

One cup at a time – Why tea matters:

“The philosophy underlying our company is a simple one: the best teas grow out of the best practices. We feel that at its best, this incredible drink should not only benefit the drinker, but also the people who grow it and our planet Earth.

As such, we are a tea company and yet we see our work as part of something much larger. Every cup of tea we drink supports one system or another, ecologically and socially. In our search to find teas for you, we are working to support ways of tea that benefit everyone, and aligning our work with pioneers within the tea world.”

Learn more and order your tea:

Cute Coffee Mugs // Young Mountain Tea review //


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