Why I Chose to Live in South Korea

Why I chose to live in South Korea //

I expect you are wondering after reading my first blog post – why did you choose to live in South Korea? A valid question that most of my family and friends have asked in the past! First of all, I knew I wanted to live somewhere with a completely different culture from my own. This ruled out America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc. I also knew that it had to be somewhere in Asia, so that I could easily get there after finishing my backpacking adventure around Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.

There were so many Asian countries to choose from though, so I turned to the internet for some inspiration. As a starting point, I knew I wanted to teach English as I already had my qualification. So I started researching where I could find the best teaching jobs.  As a result of my search, I found a post by one of my favourite bloggers.  He raved about South Korea being the best place in the world for new teachers, and how it was perfect for anyone wanting to save lots of money. The cost of living in Korea is very low, and the pay high – the perfect combination! If I put my mind to it, I was going to be able to save £1,000 (about $1241 USD) a month. It seemed like the perfect choice for me, so I applied for a job the following week!

Why I chose to live in South Korea //

I’ve now been living on Jeju, a small Korean island off the South coast, for sixth months. Whilst there have been some small hiccups, I’m having an amazing time and it was definitely a good move! I am so in love with Jeju, it has everything a nature lover like me could ever want. Beautiful coastal walks, mountains, beaches, dolphins – you name it, Jeju’s got it. Over the next few weeks, I am going to tell you all about just how wonderful Korea is. Next week’s post will be dedicated to Korean food. Spoiler alert – its delicious and super healthy!

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