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Snorkeling in Maui VLOG //

We were so excited to go snorkeling in Maui! My uncle so gracious bought us all (my entire family and our significant others) a snorkel trip to Molokini Island. Unfortunately the current was too strong and the waters were too rough that day to make it to Molokini to snorkel, but we were able to find a different spot to go creep on some fish!

I love that our boat had a slide in to the water. It was so much fun to go down and since the water was cold it was kind of a way to say, “no take backs” so you couldn’t wimp out on plunging in the freezing water. I had a lifejacket on so I barely went underwater – I just bobbed along.

This was the second time I have been snorkeling. We went snorkeling in Belize for the first time and I thought I’d be all macho and swim on my own while snorkeling. I quickly realized I’m a sinker. It took a lot of effort to keep me afloat and I ended up grabbing a life jacket and putting it on my stomach to make it easier for me to float. Talk about luxury! I was just floatin’ along like no big deal while all the other munchkins like me were out of breath. I have no shame – I will always grab that life jacket to use during snorkeling now!

We didn’t see much snorkeling in Maui, but it was a lot of fun to get to hang out with the family. We saw a sea turtle and a couple of schools of fish passing by. Along with snorkeling, the trip included lunch and an amazing view! I mean, everywhere you look in Maui there is a view, but to be on a boat looking at Maui from afar was really spectacular.

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