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Valentine’s Day is going to sneak up on you! I wanted to get together a little guide to help you get awesome Valentine’s gifts for men. Valentine’s day is a holiday to celebrate your love for one another! Our day usually consists of a nice dinner, flowers and a little gift. Here are some manly gifts that he will LOVE and you will love that they won’t break your bank! :) I absolutely love shopping on Etsy – especially for personalized items! Take a peak to these great Etsy Shops! life + style blog

1. SockprintsOnEtsy Set of 3 Custom Printed Socks

2. Timelessmaiden Wallet Insert Keepsake

3. SleepyMountain Heisenberg Cufflinks

4. WestermanBags iPhone Case

5. Monaco Custom Handstamped Beer Opener Keychain

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