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Travel Guide: The High Line in Chelsea, NYC

IT. IS. SO. COLD. I brought all these cute sweaters and outfits to NYC because hello, New York City is one of the fashion capitals of the world! But I literally never took off my jacket. Is it the wimpy Texas blood running through my veins or is it really that cold? I vote cold. I am SO glad I invested in some cute headbands and beanies for our trip. 1. I needed them – did I mention it was COLD? 2. Without changing my beanie or headband I would’ve looked like a cartoon character with only one outfit in all of our photos and videos. New York was a lesson on traveling in style. Accessories are KEY while traveling – wear comfortable clothes, but dress it up with jewelry, scarfs, hats, etc.

We visited the High Line, a repurposed railway, in Chelsea during the winter so there wasn’t much activity, but even with more or less dead foliage it was beautiful. Manhattan is obviously an island – everyone knows that, but it can be so easy to forget that once you start adventuring in the city. The buildings are so tall and everything is built up around you. When we reached the High Line and got a glimpse of the water it was a much needed dose of beautiful nature. I can imagine the High Line during the warmer months filled with fun vendors, people sunbathing, reading books on the grass, and admiring the blooming plants.

Such a neat place – even in the winter! I’m glad we went and checked it out because then we stumbled across the Chelsea Market trying to find our way back to subway!

Check out our video from the High Line in Chelsea NYC

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