Travel Diary; Preparing for Nicaragua [Travel]

Think Elysian; Travel Diary: Preparing for my trip to Nicaragua

Does anyone else feel like they’re always forgetting something? I made sure to go through my own list of “essential items you don’t want to forget, but might forget”. I got extra pepto for this trip – you never know what the food will be like! haha and I know we could possibly¬†have to share a bathroom. My husbands worse nightmare – I haven’t completelyyy told him just yet. lol But once he is on the beach all will be good! :) Packing was a nuisance this trip! I have an extra special new feature of Think Elysian that I am launching soon and it seemed to¬†need A LOT of packing space. Otherwise, I bet I could pack in just a small duffle bag. I am a super light packer – Caleb on the other hand packs EVERYTHING he can get his hands on! Caleb says the only reason I am able to¬†pack in a small bag is because my clothes are smaller than his… Pffft, men… hahaha! So our bags are packed and now we have a couple of hours to sleep! Caleb started packing¬†the week of – Me? I started packing about 9pm the night before our morning flight. It’s always easy for me to pack – especially for a beach vacation like this! Bathing suits, two nicer outfits incase we want to get fancy, athletic clothes for hiking and wandering, undergarments, a couple of pairs of shoes, toiletries, voila! Done!

My mother in law is so amazing and is able to drop us at the airport and pick us up when we return because of her weekend work schedule. I love being able to go out to eat with her after we get back from a trip and tell her all about our adventures! It seems like a trip ritual now :) She seems to be the parent most interested and excited about our traveling. My parents? I think they are beginning to think I am crazy – especially traveling to Nicaragua. The first thing my mom said when I told her we were going to Nicaragua was, “What? Why?”. You can imagine my face. haha The first thing my father in law asked us was, “Is it safe?” my husbands answer, “Well, Afghanistan was our first choice, but the flights were too expensive.” hahaha! He’s a snarky one, eh?¬†Our parents¬†really only thought of the civil unrest from 1990 in Granada when they heard “Nicaragua” – which in Nicaragua’s defense (not that it needs my defense) was 25 years ago! I know, 1990 was 25 years ago?? Crazy! Today, Nicaragua is safe. Granada is now a tourist town and surfers flock to Nica’s beautiful beaches for great waves! Like with all things, I always research before I jump in to something – especially traveling, ESPECIALLY when there is a language barrier or other obstacles.

I was interested in Nicaragua because we loved Belize so much when we traveled there. We decided to see what else Central America has to offer. After researching Nicaragua and discovering the board would be so cheap we decided to stay 10 days. There are so many places in Nicaragua to choose from Рwe decided on Popoyo Beach mainly because I found a place that was too beautiful to pass up. We stayed at a super cute B&B on airbnb for $35 a night. It was about $350 including airbnb fees for our 10 day stay. That is equivalent to about a 1 or 2 night stay in a typical hotel in Galveston, Texas. INSANE.

When you are traveling abroad typically your plane flight is your biggest expense (here’s some tips on how to find the best deals on your flight). It always makes sense to travel for longer when you are flying far. Your board can be VERY cheap especially in hostels. I know, hostel is a dirty word to Americans just because of that one scary movie – but you’d be surprised there are actually some really nice hostels. Hostels are very common abroad and most people don’t think twice. It is basically a hotel – just with an added “S”. :) The farther you travel, the longer you should stay. It will be the most bang for your buck when it all breaks down! This might be scary for some, but start off slow – go for 7 days, then 10. Then, why not try 13 or 15 days? I convinced everyone to stay¬†10 days in Maui, Hawaii and it was the best decision ever. Hawaii is a little far from Texas (and a world away for those who don’t travel much) and being there 10 days helped us really explore the island. We got a little tiny glimpse in to what it would be like if you lived there.

If you are scared to take the plunge over the pond, try Central America! It is a great place for those of us who live in the states. It is not too far and easy to spend 10 days with such a laid back vibe. The language is Spanish so it is not too much of a culture shock. Brush up on your Spanish phrases, but have no fear many of them also speak english. :)

So, our bags are packed, passports in hand, and a fun adventure awaits us. I can tell this is gonna be a good one. Next up: My first thoughts of Nicaragua and Popoyo Beach as we arrive at our destination!


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