Sharing My Dove Travel Beauty Secret with My BFF

I’m a very active person and I spend a lot of time in hot countries (Like Belize & Nicaragua!), so I really need a deodorant that’s going to protect me but also care for my skin too. Many strong deodorants just leave your underarms feeling very dry, and sometimes itchy too – which is NOT how I want to spend my vacay! I was so happy to try Dove Advanced Care Deodorant, for myself and a friend to try. It not only provides 48-hour odor and wetness protection, but also added skincare benefits with Dove ¼ moisturizers and NutriumMoisture for softer, smoother underarms. Additionally, it’s 100% alcohol free and comes in a variety of delicious fragrances!  Here are mine and Katie’s reviews after testing the product for a week.


My review

I really like Dove products, so I had high hopes for this deodorant – and it didn’t disappoint! First of all, it really did keep me dry for 48 hours without having to reapply which is perfect for traveling. I don’t want to have to lug around a deodorant stick all day while out exploring! It also left my underarms feeling very soft and smooth, plus I smelt great all day. The best thing about this range is that Dove really have thought of everything. There’s one for white marks, another for restoring natural skin tone, and one for super sensitive skin. Also, all the fragrances are feminine and subtle; so with 11 varieties to choose from, you’ll never get bored! I am obsessed with this soothing chamomile. It smells SO great! Overall, this pretty much has everything you could ever want from a deodorant.

think-elysian-travel-beauty-dove-deodorant-5 think-elysian-travel-beauty-dove-deodorant-2

Katie’s review

I’m a total gym addict, so having a reliable antiperspirant is super important. As Loren mentioned, many of these 48-hour deodorants are quite harsh on your skin, and some of the previous products I’ve used have made my underarms sore and itchy (especially after shaving). I am so happy that Loren gave me Dove Advanced Care Deodorant to try, because it really is the complete package! It goes on smooth, feels silky, and I still smell good after a big gym session. Fragrance wise, my fave has to be Beauty Finish! I’m really interested in trying Advanced Care Clean Tone too, as it is supposedly very effective at reducing dark marks caused by shaving. The search for the perfect deodorant is over, I am one happy customer!

think-elysian-travel-beauty-dove-deodorant-3 think-elysian-travel-beauty-dove-deodorant-3

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