Why You Need a Tote Bag for Traveling + My Favorite Stylish Totes all Under $100! [Travel, Style]

Travel smart and stylish with a tote bag. Here are my favorites all under $100 and perfectly fashionable. See why a tote bag for traveling is essential! //

In my daily life I pretty much always wear a crossbody bag. I am too expressive with my hands when I talk and always find the need to be using both hands in some way. It’s so much easier for me. Crossbody bags are normally smaller and I typically don’t keep hardly anything in my purse: wallet, chapstick, sunglasses….. yeah that’s about it. Literally. haha! While I’m traveling is no different. I don’t like any extra weight keeping me down and my crossbody is a go-to.

When you are on a plane they allow you a carry on and one personal item. I don’t waste my personal item on some tiny crossbody bag. When I am flying I always carry an oversized bag or tote bag for traveling as my personal item. I’ve learned the hard way you should ALWAYS carry an extra set of clothes, make-up, computer, chargers, essential toiletries, and medications on board with me in case anything happens to your checked bag. It has happened and there is nothing more annoying than your checked bag being left in a different country and you’re stuck with absolutely nothing to hold you over a night or two.

Make-up is not something I need or really care too much about because I don’t wear much of it – especially traveling – but I don’t want to risk my powder or eyeshadow getting broken or foundation busting all over everything so I toss it (gently, of course) in my travel tote bag. I still keep everything in a plastic bag while traveling – just in case! These are the kind of mishaps that aren’t life-threatening, but they certainly are frustrating to deal with when they could’ve easily been avoided.

I typically just stash my crossbody purse inside my tote bag with any other essential items to travel on the plane. Win-win! Tote bags are great for having a little extra room if you are wanting to bring back some souvenirs as well! I never pack to full capacity so I have that flexibility if I need it. It’s better to have a little extra room in case you need it instead of stuffing your suitcase having to sit on it to zip it close. :)

Personal Update:
Hi everyone – no, I’m not dead. I feel like it right now because my hubs gave me a flu bug, but I am still alive and kickin’ despite the lack of blog posts! So, a couple of weeks ago I reached the highest prescriptions my contacts would allow and was presented with an alternative surgery option. I am not a candidate for Lasik surgery because of my high prescription, but there is a different option for those who are severely impaired like me called Visian ICL. Visian is basically contact lenses implanted within the eye behind the colored part of your eye and in front of your natural lens. In preparation for this surgery I had to wear my glasses for about 2 weeks. My glasses were from 2008 so definitely not up to par – being basically blind prevented me from blogging, designing, photographing, etc. basically doing anything I love! Well, now I have recovered for the most part (except for this nasty bug I have) and am back on my game! Regularly blogging from here on – next up a new Wanderlust Wednesday post like this one in Tulum!



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