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I don’t drink soda so I am always excited to try new things other than tea and bottled water! Fruit infused water is something that my husband and I were introduced to while we lived in Los Angeles for the summer. We loved tiny cafe in the Miracle Mile called Yuko Kitchen. We were pleasantly suprised when our first sip of water tasted of strawberry and mint! It was a little sweet with a kick of fresh mint. This is the perfect drink for a hot summer day and a great substitute for those sugary carbonated drinks. This is something I will definitely keep experimenting with. There are so many options and variations of infused water.

I decided to try it out today (plus I was VERY excited to use my Mikasa glass pitcher! :P) I think everyone should give it a try – it’s healthy, delicious and looks gorgeous sitting under the spotlight of the fridge light! :D

Cut up some strawberries and throw in some mint leaves to create your infused water. You can put in a little or you can put in a lot – it depends on how strong you would like the taste to be.

What other flavor infused water do you love?

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