Shop My Favorite Travel Gear

Shop my favorite travel gear //

Shop my favorite travel gear //

I have received a lot of emails from you amazing readers asking about my must-have travel gear for exploring the world. I love my travel gear and have created a special section on this blog specifically so that you can shop my equipment.

I believe that great travel gear is something you invest in. I rely on my cameras and video equipment to help me capture the moments, so the quality of my travel gear really matters. Sometimes you might spend a little more, but the return is worth it once you see those amazing photos and videos that you can share with the world and inspire others to travel.

My favorite piece of travel gear is my new Canon GX7 camera. It may look like a simple point and shoot, but it is so much more than that! This little guy packs a big punch! As a professional photographer and videographer (check out my photo + video site Elysian Fine Art!) I want the amazing quality of my usual Canon 5D Mark III, but it just is not very convenient for an adventurer. I took my Mark III to Hawaii – but I never really got it out of the bag because it was a little bulky for my taste and I was honestly scared of messing up the expensive camera. I wanted something small, compact and found that with the Canon GX7 and for water activities the GoPro is always our go-to!

Have any questions? Can’t decide on what travel gear to bring on your next adventure? Comment below! :)

Shop my favorite travel gear below!


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