Quick Everyday Contour Makeup Tutorial Video with Updo Gypsy

Think Elysian & Updo Gypsy Quick everyday contour makeup tutorial video //

I am so excited to share this contour makeup video tutorial with yall! I am no make-up genie so I teamed up with Updo Gypsy so she can share some of her knowledge with the rest of us with this beauty tutorial (Did you check out our half-up braid tutorial video perfect for second day hair?!). We may be awkward, but we have fun! :) Taylor gives us a quick everyday contour makeup tutorial that is so simple I have started implementing it in my everyday beauty routine.

I never like my makeup to look like I have make up on. Does that make sense? The purpose of my makeup is to enhance my beauty not cover it up or change it dramatically. That’s just my style. Makeup can literally be an art form and there are so many talented artist out there, but for me I like to stick with the basics. I keep my makeup fresh and easy especially on a daily basis. Okay, honestly I don’t wear makeup but maybe once a week when my husband or family makes me socialize with other human beings. But this is definitely my new routine.

I even ventured out and bought the Park Ave Princess palette that Taylor used on me! I love how everything is so convenient in one little package. So I can just throw this palette in my bag and I have everything I need. I don’t have to tote around several different products.

Quick Everyday Contour Makeup Tutorial Video

Do you have a favorite contour palette? 


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