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I was a little skeptical of essential oils and their “powers”. I consider myself a pretty healthy person – I like to eat well and always go for the organic products in food and beauty. But using essential oils to heal my headache or stomach ache seemed a little weird. How could putting oils on my temples help my headache more than taking ibuprofen? I decided to give it a try with InstaNatural. As you know, I love several products from InstaNatural like the Dead Sea Mud Mask, Argan Oil and several other great skin products. So, I felt comfortable with the quality of the essential oils. I received two of the basic essential oils: lemon and peppermint. When the peppermint arrived I was a little scared it had a leak – I could smell the peppermint on the porch where UPS left it for me. As I opened the box the aroma got stronger and stronger, but I didn’t see any leaks or cracks. Both were sealed up nicely and packaged to protect the glass bottles. As I’ve had it for a week or so though the peppermint still continues to fill up a room! I can’t figure out where to put it – everywhere I put the peppermint oil as soon as I open the door the smell almost knocks me down!

InstaNatural Essential Oils Product Review -

So, I hadn’t done too much research on essential oils, but I have seen in passing the countless things it can do for people. I was really surprised to see that peppermint oil could help nausea, allergies and headaches to name a few. I get headaches quite often – I stress… a lot! :] So I was eager to try it out (but not eager to get a headache). I used the peppermint as directed a couple of drops rubbed on the temples and the back of the neck. I definitely felt the cooling sensation! It was actually quite nice, even though I am not a big fan of the smell of peppermint. Now, I am still not 100% sure the peppermint oil relieved my headache or just distracted me with its cooling and tingling. But either way it did help a ton! I was pleased!

I absolutely love the smell of the lemon essential oil! It is so fresh! I actually used it as an air freshener it smelled so good. I started putting a drop of lemon essential oil in my face wash each morning because I read that it promotes a healthy glow. I didn’t notice much of a difference in my skin, but the smell really awoke me and put me in a great mood! I researched about the lemon essential oils and a lot of the uses were putting a couple of drops in water and drinking it or cooking with it. But these oils specifically say on the back “for external use only” so I felt like it was limiting what I could actually do with the lemon oil. I did find several great recipes for skin scrubs and face masks that use the lemon essential oil that I will definitely be trying out though!

Overall, these essential oils are something that I definitely will continue to experiment with. I look forward to using them in DIY beauty masks and scrubs. I only wish that these oils were ingestible so that I wouldn’t as limited to only use them in products. I would love to try the Lavender for relaxation – cause Lord knows I need to relax! :]

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**This is a sponsored, unbiased post written by Loren Ferguson on behalf of InstaNatural.**

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