Post Gilmore Girls Revival Thoughts: Who’s Your Daddy?

Don’t even get me started on how ridiculous people are about this topic… Okay, you got me started. :P I don’t even see how this post is needed because it is very obvious from what they showed in the Gilmore Girls Revival. This question has been thrown around the internet several times with people hoping they can find some different answers than the one that is most obvious because there is still a Team Jess and a Team Logan even after the revival – read about my thoughts on all of Rory’s relationships in the Gilmore Girls Revival here! 

So, Let’s talk about Rory’s baby daddy

Who’s your daddy?! 

On Jess:

I literally laugh – cackle really – when Team Jess is convinced the baby is Jess’. Again, WHAT SHOW WERE YOU WATCHING?! haha! No romantic scenes, no twinkle in the eyes, no second glances or missed connections – there was no chemistry between Rory and Jess. If they would have hooked up it would have been in the story and since it was not in the story it does not exist. We can dream up a million things we want to happen and say, “they just didn’t show it” but then it would all be chaos. What happened is what they showed and they did not show Rory and Jess being together. Can they start up some new episodes and drop that bomb in there? They sure could – but until that happens you can’t just make up your own story and say, “they just didn’t show it”. Otherwise, Lorelai is a secret agent working in the CIA and Luke is really in the witness protection program low-key living in Stars Hollow because he snitched on the drug cartel – “they just didn’t show it”. Believe me, I wish we could do this because I would have a completely different revival in mind that I would have liked to have saw. LOL!

On the Wookie:

Apparently EVERYONE thinks it funny to say the wookie is the father. I’ve seen this post 9238491749387 times in my Gilmore Girl Facebook groups – we get it. It was funny the first time someone said it as a joke, but it has been discussed over and over now. Let’s be realistic here. She would be WAY pregnant by the fall season since the wookie hook-up happened in spring. No wookie, you are not the father. Womp womppp.

On Logan:

I think it is pretty safe to say Logan is the father of the baby. I’m 98% positive and will give the other 2% to the possibility of the never before seen and totally random possible hookup with Jess (1%) and Rory being a surrogate for Paris’ company (1%). Look, if you like Logan you like Logan, but if you don’t like Logan you will think EVERYTHING he does and says has an ulterior motive and that he is a bad person. Let’s be honest with ourselves and look at how Logan acted in the revival. He was heartbroken & Rory was heartbroken saying goodbye. The two were obviously in love, but neither of them took an opportunity to say it aloud.

I have no doubt in my mind that if it is Logan’s baby he would drop everything to take care of Rory and their baby. Hell, he wanted to give her a home just to write a book! I just can’t see someone who looked like he so desperately wanted Rory to say “don’t marry her & be with me” would abandon her and their baby. I’m just not convinced. Logan always took care of Rory

Let’s talk about how it seemed as though Rory was toying with the idea of not telling Logan about the baby and raising it on her own. This is SO wrong to me. Rory would be doing what Anna did to Luke with April. Not cool. I don’t think Luke or Lorelai would stand by that decision and I would hope Rory would never take away someone’s choice to be a part of their kids life. I think Logan would drop Odette like yesterday’s to be with Rory and their baby.

Why I don’t believe the theory that Rory is a surrogate.

While the name of Paris’ company “Dynasty Makers” sure does ring a bell (Logan says his marriage to Odette is his families dynastic plan) I think it is just to throw people off. I don’t think Rory would have gone to Christopher asking him how he felt about Lorelai raising her alone if she was just a surrogate. Could they drop that bomb if they made more episodes? Sure! But I don’t think Rory would willingly put herself in that position being completely unprepared without a job or stable life. The questioning also seemed more personal and more desperate than just research for her book. In retrospect it seemed like a weird line of questioning, but once Rory revealed she was pregnant at the end it all made sense.

Will Rory choose not tell the father & raise the baby alone?!

This would be SO wrong. Not telling Logan that she is pregnant and not giving him the opportunity to make the choice on his own is exactly what Anna did to Luke with April. Anna assumed Luke wouldn’t take responsibility and gave him no choice, yet from the moment he wrapped his brain around being a father he was always there for April. Luke will never be able to get back those years he lost with April. I would hope Luke and Lorelai wouldn’t stand by that decision to not tell Logan. Especially since I really believe Logan would be there for Rory and their baby 100% (because hello, he wanted to give her a house just to write a book – you think he doesn’t love her and try to take care of her? You’re cray!).

I hope Rory wouldn’t get lost in the nostalgia of raising a baby alone just because she admires her mom for doing that. Even if she WANTS to raise the baby on her own, I feel like the father should get a say so in it. Not telling Logan would be stealing a priceless gift from him that he wouldn’t be able to get back as well all saw with Luke. Plus in this day and age with social media and easy connections it would be nearly impossible to keep a baby a secret and it would only come back around to bite her in the butt like it did Anna. I get that Rory doesn’t need anyone to take care of her or save her and she realizes that now, but as Logan said in the revival at Rory’s revelations he was never “saving” her. Let’s hope she would make the right decision and tell Logan.

IF Logan does not step up and be the man she deserves (and you know how much I am Team Logan and would be immensely disappointed and shocked if he did not) he deserves to lose her to a better man!

Believe me, I’ve heard it all comes “full circle” therefore implying that Logan is Chris (and will supposedly run away and not take care of the baby) and Jess is Luke and Rory ends up with Jess (because Jess will supposedly step up and take care of the baby). Here’s what I have to say about the full circle theory! 

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