Post Gilmore Girls Revival Thoughts: The “Full Circle” Theory

Here are my thoughts on the “Full Circle” Theory

We’ve all seen this meme 93824980938 times. haha! I feel like this is great propaganda made by Team Jess fans (don’t hate me #teamjess without reading!) and I don’t blame you – you’re passionate and want to see them together in the end. No judgement here! But I will tell you that this meme definitely confuses people. Sure these guys look similar in these photos, but lets talk about them all in depth and find out how similar they are and aren’t. I can see some similarities, but I don’t think that means that Rory’s relationships will mirror Lorelai’s 100%. There were different men in Rory’s life for a reason just like they were in Lorelai’s for a reason. While Rory and Lorelai are similar in many ways they are also very different. I hope Rory would make her own decisions on what she wants in life rather than think she has to be exactly like her mom.

I feel like everyone missed the mark on this “full circle” thing. I don’t even think ASP is talking about all these guys at all. She’s talking about the Gilmore Girls. Let me explain….

Gilmore Girls Revival coming "full circle": Thoughts on

First, let’s talk about this “full circle” meme relating to all of the guys. I feel like it is a major misrepresentation of all of these characters.

On ‘Logan is exactly like Chris’: 

You’re right and you are wrong. Are these characters alike it a lot of ways? Yes. But I don’t think that determines that Rory is going to make the same choices as Lorelai because even though all the guys have similar characteristics they have acted completely different in situations. There is no one guy that mirrors the other completely.

First let’s talk about the whole Logan, Chris, Luke & Jess nonsense. Are Logan and Chris both rich, come from money and generally happy & charming guys? Yes. But the two have acted completely different in similar situations. Let’s take when Richard was rushed to the hospital while he was teaching Rory’s class at Yale. Logan dropped everything flew in on a chopper and wouldn’t even answer his phone to be there for Rory and her family. He went above and beyond meanwhile Chris didn’t even hardly show up! Luke was there with food and helping with Richards car – he went above and beyond as well. But for some reason nobody ever takes this situation in to account? 

Logan and Rory were obviously in love and you could tell it tore them up to say goodbye – I seriously doubt Logan would leave Rory to raise their baby (here are my thoughts on the whole baby bomb!) by herself with no help or input. Hell, he wanted to give her a temp home just to write a book! He didn’t seem like he really wanted to run away from her like Chris was always running away. He seemed like he really wanted to stay, but neither of them admitted it. Rory was the one who didn’t want to commit to Logan not the other way around. Logan was ready to make the ultimate commitment to Rory and Rory said no. The biggest character flaw that Christopher had was that he ran away and wasn’t there for Lorelai. Running away sounds more like younger Jess than Logan to me..? I get that Chris and Logan have similar backgrounds being from money, but I just can’t see someone who looked like he so desperately wanted Rory to say, “don’t marry her” would abandon her like Chris did.

What about recognizing that Logan and Richard had quite a similar situation? How come this isn’t a possibility with some fans?

Gilmore Girls Revival coming "full circle": Thoughts on

On ‘Jess being Rory’s Luke’: 

I see the similarities between Jess in Luke in the personalities just like Logan and Chris, but other than that I have no idea what people are referring to. Jess has only been there for Rory twice: when he told Rory that quitting college “wasn’t her” and then when he steered her on the book path in the revival. Other than that… I’m at all loss for what good Jess has done for Rory? He has had some great career advice for her, but being a companion through the best and worst times like Luke has been there for Lorelai – I’m at a loss to see when that has happened. If anything, I saw Jess running away and Chris was always running away. But both have grown since those days it seems like. So we can’t say that they are the same either! Round and round we go!

Jess is the underdog for sure just like Luke was and maybe if the revival continues on and if Logan chooses not to be in Rory and the baby’s life (which I can’t see that happening from how in love they acted in the revival) Jess could swoop in and persuade Rory to rekindle their past romance. But as far as I saw in Rory and Jess were completely platonic in the revival. There was no spark or romantic chemistry between two. And don’t get me wrong – Jess seemed like a great guy in the revival like he had his head on straight. I don’t think Jess is a bad option at all for Rory, but as the story unfolded there just wasn’t anything between them anymore. Don’t shoot the messenger! So, this theory of them being endgame only depends on if they continue the story and changed the course of how each relationship was headed because Rory and Logan were in love and Jess was on the outside wanting Rory secretly.


What I’m saying is that you can’t fully compare those four guys because they are all so different. They are all different. Just because they have acted in similar situations similar ways in the past doesn’t mean they will always act the same in similar situations. Their wealth status and personalities do not determine their future with Rory. It is all open in regards to Rory’s endgame. We have no idea what will happen, but comparing these guys doesn’t determine anything!

I think the full circle theory is referring to Rory, Lorelai & Emily stepping in to the next chapters in each of their lives and going through the circle of life: birth, marriage & moving on from death. I don’t think the “full circle” is necessarily confirming Rory’s endgame relationship.

The story will have to continue to say for sure who is going to be in Rory’s final chapter. How her life will end up depends on what choices and decisions that we have yet to see her make.

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