Post Gilmore Girls Revival Thoughts: Team Logan VS Team Jess

You better believe I woke up at 2 am (Central timezone) to watch 6 straight hours of the Gilmore Girl Revival. I had my Team Logan shirt on and coffee in hand. The sun came up as the seasons went by and I grew more and more anxious of what I would do with my life after the last episode was over. Haha!

I was left feeling a bit empty & hollow. There was laughter and there were tears while watching the seasons fly by and all-in-all I was semi-happy with the revival. I don’t know if it was because I think I was just happy to just see the characters in action again because I definitely wasn’t really happy with the storyline. I haven’t seen anyone who really was completely happy and content with the revival. Read my final thoughts on the revival here.

**You are about to enter the spoiler zone! Read past this point at your own discretion and don’t get all sassy with me if you ruin it for yourself – because YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! I am about to spill my thoughts on it all!**

 Post Gilmore Girls Revival Thoughts: Team Logan VS Team Jess

First and foremost, let’s talk about how great the cast was! I really felt like everyone fell back in to their character so amazingly. It felt like home – like they were who they are supposed to be. Except I felt like pretty much everyone regressed. They all developed in to such great characters in season 6 & 7 and I felt like we picked up on a twilight zone. I know season 7 was not ASP and she basically didn’t want to honor it and she wanted to end it how she wanted to end it, but I mean, c’mon! Let’s talk about the tense arguments Team Logan and Team Jess are surprisingly STILL having. *Rolls eyes – HARD* I have heard it all and here are my thoughts and arguments on the Gilmore Girls Revival. Bear with me yall, this is going to get a little lengthy.

Rory & Jess’ Relationship 

I’m not sure what show yall were watching, but I saw absolutely no romantic chemistry between these two characters. The only moment of “love” I saw was when Jess looked longingly at Rory through the window during fall. He looked hurt and it was really sad I will admit, especially since he turned out to be such a good guy.

Rory showed no interest in Jess whatsoever even when she had every opportunity to. They gave us absolutely no indication or hint that Rory and Jess were romantically involved. If they would have, all your speculation about it being Jess’ baby would be totally warranted. You can’t just make up your own story and say, “they just didn’t show it”. Otherwise, Lorelai is a secret agent working in the CIA and Luke is really in the witness protection program low-key living in Stars Hollow because he snitched on the drug cartel – “they just didn’t show it”. hahah! I think you may have fallen asleep and dreamt up your own wonderland. I don’t blame you 6 hours of TV at 2am is rough. But sorry – it just didn’t end up that way! Did Jess grow up to be a totally respectable human being? Absolutely! He seemed like he had his life together – he also seemed like he need a good shampoo, but that’s beside the point. Jess really did look like a viable option for Rory if she wanted that. But it didn’t seem like she did. You can tell yourself “they are meant to be” as many times as you want, but it didn’t seem like Rory would be about that life from the show I watched.

Believe me, I’ve seen the meme going around that says Logan is Chris and Luke is Jess. Could Rory end up with Jess? She definitely could – I don’t think that would be a bad thing, but just because Rory’s beaus’ characteristics (Logan & Chris rich, generally happy & charming guys // Luke & Jess did not grow up in money and are more to the point, generally simple men) are similar does not necessarily mean that they end up exactly like Lorelai’s relationships. Well, here’s more on what I have to say about that whole “full circle” theory.

Rory & Logan’s Relationship 

Let’s just be upfront here and say that I absolutely love Logan, but him and Rory’s relationship is wrong. It never is quite clear on whether or not Odette knows about Rory and Logan’s relationship. I have seen some people suggest that since it was an “arranged” marriage that Odette & Logan have an open relationship – which makes sense, but is never confirmed. He doesn’t necessarily hide the calls with Rory from Odette, but he does walk outside for one. I can guess that’s only the polite thing to do rather than just dangle it in front of someone’s face even if it is an open relationship. He does answer the phone while Odette is sleeping. He doesn’t rush in to the bathroom, he only takes a few steps away from the bed and doesn’t seem shady to me. He always calls her by name, Rory or Ace, and never pretends he is on the phone with a colleague or whispers secretly. This is definitely open to interoperation! And I can see it either way. Overall, it is not cool and does NOT portray either of them in good light. On the other hand you can’t deny how in love they are with each other. It’s painful – literally – seeing them in several scenes wanting so badly to really be together, but neither of them admitting it.

I never got the feeling that Rory was “just a side-chick” and that he didn’t care about her. Their mutual love is evident, sincere & genuine in the story and on screen and there is no denying it – so just accept it people. It doesn’t matter if you’re Team Jess or Team Logan or Team anyone Else – the love is plain as day. I just have to say Matt Czuchry, bro, you are the man. Can we give his acting a round of applause? I literally felt heartbroken watching him and Rory in their goodbye scenes. Wahh. :(

Logan specifically says, “that’s the dynastic plan” while talking about his engagement to Odette. That let’s me know right there that he is not in love with Odette. He didn’t “choose” to marry her – his family did. Logan is an heir to a very important family (top 1%) and he has family obligations and responsibilities that have been set forth for him. I think he wants to be with Rory, but she’s not ready to commit so he is playing the whole “Vegas” game because he fears that he might lose her again if he sets out another ultimatum. So I can only hope he is keeping his father’s plan while waiting for her.

It seems like he is doing small things to pick Rory over Odette. I think that is why Logan brought Rory to the family holdings to eat. I think he knew Mitchum would be there and it was his way of rebelling against Mitchum saying, he’s respecting his family obligations, but Mitchum doesn’t have complete control over his life. I think Mitchum knows that Rory is the one woman that can make Logan say screw all of this and leave because he has already done that once before. Mitchum seems a little nervous then tries to obviously reassert his dominance by mentioning Odette. He offers to help Rory out and I’m either thinking it is to get her away from Logan or be able to hold it over Rory, like,”Remember that one time I got you that interview? Now you need to do me a favor and stay away from Logan.” Mitchum is so sketch.

Overall, I think Logan understands his family obligations and responsibilities that he is supposed to uphold. It seems he will go along with it all until he has a solid and committed reason not to. Is that the decision I would make? Not at all. But Logan is the heir to his family and the Huntzeberger name does not go on without him marrying and having kids. Odette is that convenient solution for his family. I’m sure his family obligations have been drilled in to him and he feels a sense of responsibility to uphold his family name. Heck, my husband being the only man in his family always has made me feel a sense of responsibility to carry on his name – I can’t imagine if he had an empire that went along with his name. I guess there isn’t necessarily anything wrong with that – family is important, but I just wish he would suck it up and be with Rory and Rory with him if that is what they truly want. haha!

A lot of people are saying that Logan should have broke up with Odette and been with Rory if thats what he wanted. Well, he obviously did want to be with Rory, but let’s remember that Logan was rejected by Rory for pushing her to commit – so why would Logan push her once more to commit and lose her again? It seems as though the ball is in Rory’s court with their relationship and she never takes the plunge. If I was in the position where my significant other didn’t want to commit so then we broke up and then later got back together, I wouldn’t want to be the one to push it again. I would wait for them to say they are ready. That only seems normal to me. It is obvious that Rory is confused and lost in her life and I can completely understand her not wanting to make a commitment when yet again her career and her life is up in the air with no real direction. They both lost out on each other when they didn’t speak up for what they seemed to want. Neither were right in the situations waiting for each other because ultimately it seems they both missed out on one another.

If you don’t like Logan you will always be against him and think everything he does has an ulterior motive. I’ve heard it all! When he offered up the house to Rory he didn’t hint at it being a loveshack hideaway for them two – he specifically said nobody will be there and she would be able to fully focus on her writing – not “you can write a little and then spend some time with me too”. We will never know exactly what he was thinking, but the only thing that was portrayed to me on the show was that he was just trying to help her and encourage her to go for the whole book thing.

“In the case of him being engaged, I feel like Odette represents his family obligations. I feel that Rory represents his true heart and soul and his love. Logan has always had his feet in both of those worlds-his family obligations and his love for Rory. I hope that it came through that Logan is deeply in love with Rory, always has been and always will be. That’s one piece of it. In terms of Logan, he’s always seeing Rory as someone that doesn’t need anything from him, and Logan wants to give her everything because of that. I think that for Rory, she’s been protected in a lot of ways throughout her life, and Logan is someone who pushes her to take those risks and those challenges and believe in her to follow her passions and live out her dreams.” – Matt Czuchry on Logan Huntzberger

Read more on the “full circle” theory here!  Is Logan “Chris” and is Jess “Luke”?

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All in all this story could go any way! We don’t know what happens! Did Rory tell Logan? Did Logan leave Odette if he found out about the baby? Did Rory rekindle her feelings for Jess later down the road? Literally, this revival only left me with questions. There wasn’t any closure for me at all. ANYTHING could happen! I don’t think it is necessarily right to assume anything specific happened until we see (if we see) what goes on after those ending credits rolled.



Seriously, I can’t stop laughing – I forgot Paul. I think that tells you how I felt about him and their relationship in the revival. So sad for him, but sometimes it just isn’t meant to be. I think Paul’s role was just so that everyone couldn’t be like “Poor Rory being duped again by horrible, horrible Logan!” Rory was in the same situation and made the same bad choice as Logan cheating together. Poor Paul! Wait, it was “Paul” right? hahah!

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