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The Search for a perfect family vacation - Ramblings of a Free Spirited Traveler - Style + Travel blog

The Search for a perfect family vacation spot - Ramblings of a Free Spirited Traveler - Style + Travel blog

We always think of others on our trips and not just what my blog followers are wanting, but what could work for our families as well. Traveling is something that we truly enjoy and want to share that passion with others – especially our families. We have typical families who think a “big vacation” is to Destin, Florida. Don’t get me wrong – we’ve been to Destin it is a nice place, but to my husband and I, a “BIG vacation” is backpacking around Argentina for 3 weeks or spending 10 days sunning on the coast of Italy.

We don’t want to push our agenda on anyone, but we want everyone to be exposed to those amazing experiences venturing out in to the unknown. I want to actually travel, explore, and be a part of a different place. And Destin was pretty – don’t get me wrong. My only issue with vacations like Destin, FL is that typically you spend WAY (if you don’t look for deals like these) more money in places like that and most of the time I really don’t feel like I’m traveling or exploring a different place. I feel like I’m housesitting or something. Is that weird? Maybe my head is just too up in the clouds. Last time we went to Destin we spent TONS of money for flights, activities, as well as super pricey food because it is a VERY touristy area for people in the states – and we only stayed about 3 days! For our Nicaragua trip we spent less than $1300 on the ENTIRE 10 night vacation – including both RT flights, places to stay, transportation, food & drink – we even each had a 1 hour massage! Now, I will give a little pat on the back to my mad travel planning skills, but all in all in makes no sense in my mind to go ‘house-sit’ someone’s vacation rental in Destin. I’m all about saving money and all about traveling. I work it out and luckily I have been able to travel all over for WAY cheaper than a simple vacation in Destin. (We didn’t get to plan the Destin vacation – it was for a wedding)

Here’s how it breaks down in my head: Destin = $$$$ + US tourist area < Nicaragua = $ + amazing culture and nature to explore

It’s a no brainer for me. I save money traveling how I actually want to travel (on a budget and to wicked awesome places). Our families – like most – are not made of money. Who is? I want to be your friend! :) Most of our siblings have kids and our parents are looking towards retirement so their money goes elsewhere – traveling is not their #1 goal in life like us.. which is totally understandable! Gotta make that money, honey! Pay those bills! :) The whole point of us traveling to Nicaragua specifically was to find a place that was affordable and enticing for everyone to have a family vacation. My family had the opportunity to all travel together to Maui in 2012 for my brother’s wedding and although it totally ruined our plans for Greece and Ireland that year – I literally wouldn’t have had it any other way. Getting to explore Hawaii with my family was something that I will always cherish. We all were able to relax and enjoy each others’ company without any of the “real world” distractions. I am not saying we didn’t have our silly arguments – we are family after all, but the love and laughter overcame all the nonsense and occasional hangry arguments (yes, hangry – anger stemming from hunger). Maui really opened my eyes and helped me decide that what I really want is for everyone to have a place to go to on vacations – together. Cheers to making memories!

The Search for a perfect family vacation spot - Ramblings of a Free Spirited Traveler - Style + Travel blog

I really wanted Nicaragua to be able to be “the spot” for our family vacations. I wanted to be able to have both sides of our families enjoy the beaches, waterfalls and local shopping that Nica offered. Butttttttttt our families are little less open-minded than us. They all stay guarded in our little town and think very differently than us. Most of the people in our town think VERY differently than us – we are often referred to as “free spirits”.. whatever that is getting at.. lol! As soon as our families heard ‘Nicaragua’ they only thought of the civil unrest of the 90’s (which was 25 years ago by the way – I know the 90’s seem just like yesterday) and they only thought about a poor third world country. Most of them were SO relieved when we got back – like they were certain we were going to get shot or kidnapped. Literally. It makes me sad. Nicaragua has SO much beauty to offer and so many local smiling faces. You always have to have your guard up when visiting a different country, but you also have to travel with an open mind and open heart. It’s all about experiencing their culture and their way of life. My hope is to inspire others to take a leap of faith and push themselves outside of their comfort zones because you never know how things will change your life and change your perspective. I would love for our families to take hold of opportunities and travel with us!

The Search for a perfect family vacation spot - Ramblings of a Free Spirited Traveler - Style + Travel blog

So, unfortunately Nicaragua will not be our family vacation spot – but I guarantee if Caleb and I ever had a chance to go back we 100% would (I mean, look how gorgeous the sunsets are..). I guess this means we will have to keep searching and traveling for the perfect family vacation spot. I don’t mind! :) Now, excuse me while I look up Maui real estate pricing……. haha! I wish!

Does anyone have the perfect family vacation spot?

I would love to be able to buy a place designated for family to retreat and spend time together. After all, that is what life is about. It’s time to enjoy it.

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