Babecation // featuring Mayra from MAYRALAMODE

MAYRALAMODE Houston Fashion blogger Q&A

MAYRALAMODE Houston Fashion blogger Q&A

I love the way Mayra paired her maxi dress with some bold jewelry! I am all about jewelry & accessories – you’ll see over the next couple of months the amazing jewelry coming to the boutique! I can’t wait for you guys to be able to shop the new jewelry collection – but until then there are some many great pieces online like my favorite GORGEOUS statement The Maeve Necklace!

Mayra’s Must-Have Pieces: 

1. The Harlow Bracelet – cute and simple statement piece bracelet perfect for a layered arm candy.

2. Boho floppy-Brimmed Hat – I am a big floppy hat lover and this adorable wine color hat is perfect to add a splash of color to an outfit.

3. In The Navy Jumpsuit – This adorable navy jumpsuit is perfect for those times you are looking to travel light. Perfect for a wonderful evening of fun!

4. Fashion Sunnies- Black – What is a vacation without a perfect pair of sunglasses? These are edgy and stylish!

5. The Samantha Bracelet – I am obsessing over the textured look of this gold cuff! Can be worn with any look and it’s a perfect statement piece!

Check out Mayra’s travel Q&A including some great photos of her travels!

MAYRALAMODE Houston Fashion blogger Q&A with Think Elysian //

What was your favorite vacation or trip? Why?

My favorite vacation was when I went to New York. City. I like walking around the busy streets and eating their delicious toasted cream cheese bagels and pizza.

Babecation featuring Mayra from MAYRALAMODE blog talks to Think Elysian about travel style and tips.

Who or what has inspired you to travel?

Television was my biggest inspiration when it came to traveling. The way the world was portrayed on the screen was so magical and I wanted to be a part of it.


Do you have any funny memories or silly mishaps while visiting a different country or place?

One time, when I got off the airport in La Guardia, New York, I took a cab to the hotel in Manhattan. I forgot I only had 20 dollars cash with me so I had to ask the driver to drop me off a few miles away from the airport, he was so upset at me he didn’t even help me get my luggage off the car. I had to walk 3 miles from Williamsburg all the way to Manhattan with my bright pink luggage! I was so embarrassed!

MAYRALAMODE Houston Fashion blogger Q&A with Think Elysian //

What travel advice do you have for others whether it be traveling in style, tips for the plane ride, etc.

When it comes to traveling in style don’t be afraid to rock a messy bun and an oversized sweater! Nothing like being comfy for that long plane ride. Also, download plenty of games on your phone and bring a portable charger, headphones, and a nice shade of lipstick!


How long does it take you to pack? Are you a backpacker or a complete matching luggage set kind of girl?

It takes me a whole day to pack; technically a week because I start planning my outfits way ahead of time, then I put them together the night before. I have a matching hot pink luggage set from Victoria’s secret that I stuff with plenty of things.

Babecation featuring Mayra from MAYRALAMODE blog talks to Think Elysian about travel style and tips.

How do you stay stylish while traveling?

I am not afraid to bring my entire closet with me wherever I go! I like to carry plenty of shoes, makeup, hair products, and extra outfits just in case. Plus, I like to shop in the area that I am in. Styles tend to change depending on the location, so you always want to adapt.


How would you describe your style? Do the places you travel to influence your style at all?

I like to dress casually and wear dark color clothing. You can never have too much black in your closet (: yes, like I said different places tend to have different styles. I like to see what other people are wearing and get inspiration from them.

MAYRALAMODE Houston Fashion blogger Q&A with Think Elysian //

What is your advice for all the women out there who want to starting living their passions whether that be blogging, styling, traveling, etc. but feel like they’re stuck?

DO IT! You only have one life and why not spend it working towards your dreams? We were all given something unique to be passionate about for a reason. You are meant to be happy and live your dreams don’t ever be afraid or feel like you’re stuck. I believe in you (:


Do you have any upcoming travel plans?

I want to spend New Year’s Eve in Times Square, New York. I also really want to go to Tokyo, Japan and the UK. Maybe one day, you’ll see me blogging about those places soon!


What is your dream vacation – and what do you wear?!

My dream Vacation is to go Sky Diving in Dubai! I would wear the cutest spring/summer dresses with adorable sunglasses and hats! Dubai seems like the perfect place to get a tan!

Babecation featuring Mayra from MAYRALAMODE blog talks to Think Elysian about travel style and tips.

Who inspires you most to reach for your dreams and why?

Nobody inspires me, it’s just something that I feel. However, every time I see someone accomplishing their goals or reaching their dreams, it motivates me to keep on going. It’s a reminder that dreams do come true when you work hard for it.



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