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What I'm Pinning: Steel Frame Industrial Doors //

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I am absolutely in love with steel frame industrial doors. I have been day-dreaming lately of our upcoming home renovation project. We are hopefully buying a 1960’s ranch house on about a half acre of land from a family member. Every single inch of it has to be renovated, but we see the amazing potential! This house is packed with fun floral carpet and orange kitchen countertops. I actually kind of like the vintage feel to it! lol! My dad builds multi-million dollar condos and homes in downtown Houston so I love to go every now and again and peek at the lavish details they put in to those homes. Now – we don’t have millions of dollars to spend on the renovation so it will be a challenging, but fun experience. HGTV show goals. haha!

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What I'm Pinning: Steel Frame Industrial Doors //


If you take a peek at my Pinterest you’ll see my home decor style is light and airy. I love white everything with accents of industrial metal and distressed wood and some pops of color here and there. The back doors of “our” 1960’s ranch need to be replaced (like everything else) and I love the look of steel frame industrial doors. I just picture these gorgeous windows looking out on that big yard where the sun sets every evening. I think the black steel frame balances out the white so it is not too stark. My only fear is that the mostly glass doors will be TOO open. With about a 1/2 acre of land our neighbors are not super close, but it’s still something to think about. What do you think?


Take a look at some envy-worthy industrial doors I have been pinning lately!


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