How to Stylishly Survive the New York City Winter [Travel]

Great Tips: How to Stylishly Survive the NYC Winter //

So, I know New York City is a fashion capital, but let’s be honest I will sacrifice fashion ANY day in the name of staying warm in freezing weather. Luckily, I didn’t have to sacrifice anything – I just had to think about how to incorporate style differently than I would here in Texas. Here are my tips on how to stylishly survive the New York City winter!

I am from Texas. It is HOT in Texas – and no matter how much I kick and scream I have the Texas blood running through my veins and I don’t do well in the cold. I was a little nervous to face the NYC winter because even living here in Texas I typically always have a light jacket on inside (hot outside means freezing AC inside).

I focused my winter apparel on the fact that we were going to be standing in Times Square for the ball drop on New Year’s Eve for possible 12+ hours in the harsh NYC winter. I had read about how long you would have to stand in the freezing cold so my main focus was warmth and comfort. I learned to incorporate my style in several different ways!


How to Stylishly Survive the New York City Winter:

  1. Find a jacket that will be a base for all your outfits. It is best to find a basic jacket that will be versatile. I chose a long black semi-puffy jacket that I snagged from Macy’s for under $100! I am so happy I chose a plain black jacket because it allowed me to change-up my accessories for a different look each day without having to splurge on multiple winter coats (they can get pricey!).
  2. Accessorize! Dress up your base coat with scarfs, hats, and winter headbands. Accessories have an amazing power over an outfit and can transform your black coat look from basic to bombshell.
  3. Don’t underestimate a good tinted lip balm! The NYC winter was harsh on my lips. The freezing wind dried out my lips. I exfoliated and moisturized my lips with this super easy DIY lip scrub and then tried out several different colored lip balms. Lip color can spruce up any look! Play with some color and don’t be afraid to go a little bold! Try out Benefit’s Benebalm Hydrating Tinted Lip Balm or Fresh Sugar Fig Tinted Lip Treatment.
  4. Layer upon layer of cuteness. Choose a color palette and go for lots of layers! Walking through the streets of NYC I was protected from the cold and wind with my jacket and scarfs, but once we found ourselves inside we began to strip off layers. It won’t be freezing inside so make sure you are laying your clothes to be able to take off a layer according to the temp. I would wear a jacket, a sweater, and a shirt. I would choose a complimenting color palette each day to ensure if I took off a layer that my outfit would still make sense! LOL!


Take a peek at our iPhone snapshots! Same jacket – 3 totally different looks! :)

Great Tips: How to Stylishly Survive the NYC Winter // www.thinkelysian.comGreat Tips: How to Stylishly Survive the NYC Winter // www.thinkelysian.comGreat Tips: How to Stylishly Survive the NYC Winter //

How do you stylishly survive the winter?

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