5 Tips for Your Flight Attendant Video Interview



5 Tips for Your Flight Attendant Video Interview

  1. Dress the part – I love the saying, “You gotta look good to feel good, you gotta feel good to play good, you gotta play good to win.” This same concept applies. I was never the one for dressing up with the lipstick and the whole shebang, but it really does put you in the right mindset. I can honestly say I love to go to work looking and feeling good as a flight attendant. This video interview is nerve-wracking – I completely understand that. I had experience being in front of the camera and it was still totally awkward talking to yourself answering questions for a job you REALLY want. I didn’t go all the way with a scarf, but I did wear a button up light blue collared shirt with my hair pulled in an updo and completed the look with a red lipstick. If you have a blazer even better! Try to wear something similar to what the airline’s uniform is so that the person reviewing your video interview can physically see you in the as a team member.
  2. Smile & Be Confident – You only get one shot to record your answer usually so even if you completely mess up a question SMILE and have a good attitude about it. The people reviewing these videos want to see how you work under pressure. Do your best to take those 10-15 seconds in between questions to collect your thoughts. Everyone will get tongue tied or ramble on and on. I know I did! I went off on a tangent about something completely irrelevant during my interview, but I kept myself composed and went on to the next. So take a deep breath and move on the next question. One at a time!
  3. Research your airline – Figure out what your dream airline is all about and incorporate it in your interview. Find out what key words the airline uses to represent their brand and be sure to represent that in your video interview. You can pretty much find the questions that will be asked in your video interview by digging a little on google. Use that to your advantage and prepare your answers for those questions and potential questions.
  4. Keep Eye Contact – I know it is hard to stare at a green or red light on your computer instead of looking at your face on the screen, but it makes the world of a difference. Looking directly at the camera creates a sense of connection and portrays eye contact with the person reviewing your video interview. It is totally awkward to record yourself answering questions while you are nervous, but just push the nerves aside, look them ‘straight in the eye’, and present yourself with confidence and preparedness.
  5. Be Yourself – You want your video interview to show how you will represent the airline. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. Be yourself! If you are not genuine it will be easy to tell. Your natural personality should shine through the video interview and get you to that face-to-face interview!


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