5 Easy Tips for Traveling in Style

5 Easy Tips for Traveling in Style

As I am gearing up for a trip this weekend to Waco, Texas I am thinking of how to travel in style while not making too much of a fuss over it. Traveling in style means that I am comfortable, confident, and effortlessly chic.

5 Easy Tips for Traveling in Style

Here are my (Super) Easy Tips for Traveling in Style:

  1. Don’t underestimate jewelry. I love to be comfortable (and never buy anything that is uncomfortable!) so packing basic tunics that I can dress up with jewelry is a must. You can go casual by wearing a simple, dainty necklace. You also dress up any t-shirt and jeans with some great bauble necklaces or a pair of chic dangle earrings.
  2. Throw a scarf on! A scarf isn’t just for cold, dreary winter days anymore. There are so many fun, light-weight scarfs now-a-days – which is SUPER soft and has a sweet floral print. A scarf is a great “throw on” item to give your outfit a little oomph! Some have fringe, some have prints, and others just make you cozy – there’s one for every occasion!
  3. Have some fun with your lip color. Pucker up! Brighten up your makeup with a fuchsia lip or get sultry with a dark berry lip. Changing your lip color can change the entire look of an outfit. Lipstick might be hard to keep up as you are roaming around traveling all day – try a lip stain instead. Lip stain is long lasting and doesn’t leave any residue to smear or smudge.
  4. Travel with a stylish tote. You don’t have to submit to a middle-school Jansport backpack while traveling. Here are some really cute tote bags that will have you stylishly traveling through TSA.
  5. Stylish, easy updos DO exist! Or if you’d rather – throw on a hat! I’ll be the first to say I will probably not be thinking much of my hair as I am traveling in a hot, humid location. I always want to just throw it up in a ponytail. Fear not – I have two great tutorials for you! The Knot Updo is a fun twist on a ponytail that is chic and take approximately 2 minutes. My video tutorial of the Fishtail Braid is so easy! I know, a fishtail braid looks complicated, but I promise it is a breeze and will become second-nature once you get the hang of it. If all else fails, feel free to throw on a hat. You can throw on a baseball cap or a chic boho wide-brimmed hat.




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