Tourist in my Hometown: Fat Cat Creamery in Houston [Travel]

Tourist in my Hometown - Fat Cat Creamery in Houston, Texas //

Lately, I’ve been feeling travelsick. Like homesick – but the opposite. I may have just made that word up. Caleb and I have been grounded here in Houston because he is going through the Houston Fire Department training. It has been an intense 8ish months for us. He only has about a month left of training! Hallelujah! We’re not built for that 9-5 lifestyle. I tried working a “normal” job once (or four times) and realize that the money is not worth the misery for me. Although now I work basically 24/7 it is what I am passionate about. Now, I love to spend time working! While Caleb is going through HFD training Monday-Thursday with LOTS of studying and physical exhaustion we decided to put our normal travels on hold. Meanwhile, I’M DYING. I’M GOING CRAZY, I THINK. This is not normal.

To add a little “travel” back in to our lives we decided to explore our own town. We live in a suburb about 30 minutes from Houston. We are trying new places to eat, going to see new things, attending fun festivals… mainly eating at new places though.. Can you blame us? Who doesn’t love to eat?


We made a stop by Fat Cat Creamery in the Heights area of Houston. We LOVE ice cream. We randomly get on kicks of Blue Bell Cookies & Cream. I’m also partial to a great Cherry Garcia! ;) We were very excited to try some fresh ice cream that was made in-store.

Tourist in my Hometown - Fat Cat Creamery in Houston, Texas //

This is a super cute place. Fat Cat Creamery has great branding that is fun and quirky and employees that make you feel like a friend instead of a customer. It was SO hard to pick what ice cream flavors and mix in I wanted. There are so many amazing, unique choices like Cat’s Meow Mexican Vanilla and Chai Tea Coconut. Seriously, my mouth is watering just typing this up! :) I decided on the Milk Chocolate Stout ice cream which is milk chocolate ice cream with Convict Hill Oatmeal Stout beer and added in some salted almond brittle as my mix-in. SO GOOD. The salted almond brittle was made in-house just like the ice cream. It was delicious to have pieces of salty, sweet brittle in the midst of a stout milk chocolate. Definitely recommend it!
Tourist in my Hometown - Fat Cat Creamery in Houston, Texas // www.thinkelysian.comCaleb decided on the Salted Butter Caramel an intensely salty burnt caramel and butter ice cream with warm praline sauce. He claimed his was delicious – I have no way of knowing for sure because he didn’t let me try it! :P He ate it all before I even came up from my ice cream cup. I guess that just means I will have to stop by again to test it out!

I couldn’t leave without trying a Lavender, lemon & watermelon sorbet push-pop! Lavender is an AMAZING smell – I love it. But I was unsure of what it would actually taste like. They did a great job of balancing out all of those flavors and creating a delicious treat! I was a little sad because it melted to quickly – but hey – it’s a frozen push-pop. I will say it made for a very sticky ride home. Push-pops are best eaten there and not in a moving vehicle.
Tourist in my Hometown - Fat Cat Creamery in Houston, Texas //

(this visit was pre-eye surgery – hints the four eyes ;P)

Tourist in my Hometown - Fat Cat Creamery in Houston, Texas //

Be sure to stop by Fat Cat Creamery for some yummy treats!

Visit for their locations, menu & hours of operation!


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