My Fall Make-up Must-haves: Bronze, Gold & Dark Berry! [Beauty]

My Fall Make-up Must-Haves! Bronze, Gold, & Dark Berry |

Fall has arrived so it is time for my favorite make-up to come back in style! I love wearing a dark berry lip with bronze & gold shimmery accents. I think that a dark berry lip needs to be warmed up by some great bronzer or a warm eyeshadow palette – at least it’s true for my skin tone! I always look best when I am tan – like most people – so I wear my warm tones on my eyes and cheeks year-round and just switch up my lip color seasonally.

Make-up is something that I think is worth investing in. I can’t tell you how many of those super cheap drugstore dupes I have bought to try to save a couple of bucks! Nothing every compares to the best make-up brands like Nars, Mac, and Bobbi Brown. I use to try to get away with super cheap make-up foundation because I only use it on occasion, but found out quickly it always made me breakout and never lasted! I recently started using Urban Decay’s Naked and I have to say – I was apprehensive because I’ve never invested in a good foundation (it’s only $39 – but still that’s a lot for me! :P) and was surprised how much of a difference it made. My skin never felt heavy or saturated with makeup and I never broke out! I will definitely stick with this foundation! And BONUS: they have SO many colors and shades it will be easy to transition when my skin become a bit more pale this winter.

I love to switch up between lipsticks, lip chubbies and lip gloss depending on my mood or look. Most of the time I stick with a chubby stick like the ones from Nars or Clinique because I like a clean, fresh look with a touch of color. The Nars matte velvet stick below is my all time favorite for the color and feel!

Click each photo below to shop! The link will take you directly to where you can read about the products and purchase them if you would like! I totally recommend these fall beauty products:

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