5 home decor tips to make your home feel more FALL [Home Decor]

5 Tips to make your home feel more fall //

Fall is just glorious isn’t it? The warm colors, the burlap, the smells of pumpkin spice lattes through the crisp air… Well that is what I think of! Our home decor situation really needed some umfph to get in the spirit of fall so I, like any home decor lover, went straight to Marshalls to pick up some much needed fall home decor accents for the season! I am a traveler so most of my money goes towards our travel fundbut with Marshalls’ amazing prices I don’t ever feel buyer remorse picking up some super cute items for the home. I know that they will always be reused next season so it is a good investment! I was able to find everything I needed: warm, cozy pillows, small pumpkins to decorate bookshelves, some dried bundled wheat (what a snag, I know!!), white candles, and a new framed chalkboard to design some great chalkboard art!

Our typical decor style would probably be described as Scandinavian – I only know this because Pinterest is my BFF. We have mostly white furniture, light gray walls, accents of natural wood or white-washed wood and industrial metal with a splash of color. Our splash color was light, icy blue – I incorporated it with the throw pillows and our art work. Fall is all about those warmer tones that make you feel all comfy and cozy. With just 5 simple changes we completely changed the feel of our space and brought fall in to the household! Here is my inspiration and tips on how I made our home feel more fall!


  1. Throw Pillows – You can completely change the dynamic of a room with throw pillows! They are my favorite home decor accent. I love this natural color pillow from Dear Lillie! (image)

5 Tips to make your home feel more fall // www.thinkelysian.com2. Mantle Decor – Add some simple pumpkins and fall leaf accents to the mantle to warm it up. Greenery is typically cheap, lasts forever basically (if you take care of it) and can be reused for several different occasions! (image)

5 Tips to make your home feel more fall // www.thinkelysian.com3. Fall Flowers – I love having fresh flowers around! I hate that they die – moment of silence for all those beauties who needed more water – but all in all they spruce up any entry table and make your space feel warm and inviting. (image)

5 Tips to make your home feel more fall // www.thinkelysian.com4. Table Decor – I love a good table decor set up! My Instagram is flooded with amazing interior designers who constantly give me inspiration (and sometimes make me feel shameful) with their styled photos. Table decor doesn’t have to be super fancy and it definitely does not have to be expensive. I like to mix and match candle holders that I find at garage sales, flea markets, and thrift stores! (image)

5 Tips to make your home feel more fall //


5. Chalkboard Art – Never underestimate the power of a chalkboard in the home! I love the versatility of a framed chalkboard. You can simply erase it and create something new for the next holiday or party. Chalkboard art has become very popular and the designs get more and more creative! I definitely recommend investing in a chalkboard or even DIY-ing one! (image)

5 Tips to make your home feel more fall //

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