My 4 Favorite Easy Pie Recipes for Pi Day

Happy Pi Day! I love Pi Day for the fact that it is a shameless day to eat your little heart out. You all know I love my pie – so I decided to narrow down my favorite easy pie recipes for Pi Day! Yes, it was very difficult. I would have 5 easy pie recipes, but I haven’t yet posted our Chocolate Eclair recipe. We ate it all before I could photograph it! :) I’ll be sure to whip another one up and share it soon – I don’t mind eating a whole pie for no reason!

Did you tried any of these easy pie recipes for Pi Day?

My 4 Favorite Easy Pie Recipe for Pi Day //

  1. Mini Apple Pies – These are almost too cute to eat! ALMOST. :) These mini apple pies are the perfect for entertaining. They are so easy to make, but will make you look like a sous chef. My 4 Favorite Easy Pie Recipe for Pi Day //
  2. German Chocolate Pie – I love this rich pie. The topping is the perfect combination of sweet, crunchy and coconut. If you like german chocolate cake you will love this creamy pie! My 4 Favorite Easy Pie Recipe for Pi Day //
  3. Almond Joy Pie – Almond Joys are one of my favorite candy bars. I love the coconut and dark chocolate combination. This Almond Joy Pie is sweet, crunchy, and will satisfy your sweet tooth! My 4 Favorite Easy Pie Recipe for Pi Day //
  4. Banana Split Dessert –  So we always called this “Banana Split Cake”, but it is definitely more of a pie in a baking dish. This Banana Split Dessert is SO GOOD. You will not be disappointed. This is my go-to crowd pleaser!



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