Coffee Mugs for Travel Lovers

Fun coffee mugs for travel lovers ||

I was on a personal hunt for coffee mugs for travel lovers this Christmas season and I was pleasantly surprised to find so many to choose from. There are a ton of ridiculously cute thermal mugs and coffee mugs that I figured all of you would adore.

These coffee mugs for travel lovers are geared toward colorful & vibrant souls like mine (check out my Instagram if you love color & inspiration!). I love the gorgeous watercolor graphics and fun sayings, but the real gem is the coffee mug that changes while the temperature changes. The coffee mug that is a daytime map changes to a nighttime map with lights when the hot coffee fills it up. Genius!

Anyone else a coffee addict?! I’m a self-proclaimed Gilmore Girl (you know how I feel about Team Logan) so I only like my coffee with my oxygen and what better way to drink it than in a fun coffee mug?! Be sure to check out my coffee cocktail for those late nights you have a caffeine craving!

Coffee Mugs for Travel Lovers

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