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The most popular style you will see at Coachella style is the free-spirited, boho flower child. This Coachella style is by far my favorite. I love the flawy maxi skirts and dresses! It is comfortable and so cute. (SCORE!) For me, I love to wear neutral colors with pops of color that stand out. You don’t have to wear the most eccentric, over the top outfit to be noticed. And of course, you have to top it off with a gorgeous flower crown! :)  Tassels, kimonos, and flower crowns – oh my!

I love incorporating a pop of bright color like this fuchsia. This bucket purse is one of my favorite. The fringe is so much fun and coordinates really great with a simple flower crown. This is a really fun phone case pulls the whole outfit together an let’s be honest your phone will be out the entire time Instagramming and Snap-chatting.

These sunnies are some of my favorite! They are so cute!

What is your Coachella Style? life + style blog [Coachella Style]

Hazel and Olive: In the moment open back maxi dress – blush silver

Topshop Petite Fringe Kimono

ASOS Formula Woven Sandals

ASOS Quay Fleur Sunglasses

FP Fabric iPhone Case – Pink

Topshop Leather Mix Fringe Duffle Bag

Flower Crown Society Viola

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