Breakwall Maui Hot Dogs + Shave Ice in Hawaii [Food, Travel]

Breakwall Maui Shave Ice Co. in Lahaina, Maui Hawaii in Think Elysian Travel Vlog //

I would call myself a hot dog connoisseur (try my favorite in Houston, TX!) – but in reality I’ve never met a hot dog I didn’t like. haha! Hot dogs are super simple and quick to make and eat. For my on the go lifestyle hot dogs are a perfect lunch. I typically eat them plain – sometimes I dip it in a little pinch of mustard if I’m feeling sassy so you can imagine my surprise when we came across Breakwall Maui in Lahaina serving up some mind-blowing combinations of flavors on their hot dogs.

I love to try new foods especially while traveling. Finding locally owned and operated cafes and restaurants is one thing I love to do on trips. I started googling “where to eat in Maui” and came across Breakwall Maui Shave Ice Co. It just so happened to be right around the corner from our VRBO rental (if you’re looking to find a great, affordable place to stay in Maui here are my picks!).

Breakwall Maui is a super chill hangout space for everyone. Some of the tables are made from surfboards and you can definitely see the owners put a lot of heart in to making this place super special. We were able to meet one of the owners during one of our many visits to Breakwall and were surprised that he actually lived several years of his childhood about 20 minutes from our hometown! Such a small world, isn’t it? Now, this only fueled my desire to live in Hawaii even more.. haha! If he could get out of the bubble that is our hometown maybe I could too! I bet our family wouldn’t complain TOO much having to visit us in Hawaii…. :) I bet they’re reading this now scared to death that we’d move off.

You can find much more than just shave ice at Breakwall Maui. BUT the shave ice is one of the (many) reasons we kept coming back. You can choose to put an ice cream underneath your shave ice so when you’re getting down to it the flavors of the shave ice and the ice cream blend to create a creamy delicious concoction. We chose Lilikoi Passion shave ice on top of a scoop of coconut ice cream. The tanginess of the Lilikoi (Hawaiian passionfruit) and the sweetness of the coconut is the perfect combination of goodness. Dream team, I tell ya.

I don’t see hot dogs on Breakwall Maui’s website menu, but when we were in Hawaii this place had extraordinary hot dogs. They served the extra long hot dogs open faced with so many different, fun toppings. My favorite was the hot dog with (I kid you not) cream cheese, sriracha and Maui onions. Maui onions are sweet and less pungent than normal onions. I typically don’t like onions on my food so it was quite a surprise that I agreed to these Maui onions – but I am so glad I did! We actually have started using cream cheese and sriracha on our hot dogs at home!

If you are in Hawaii be sure to stop by Breakwall Maui in Lahaina! You will not be disappointed! 



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