What I’m Pinning – Blunt Bobs & Balayage [Lifestyle, Hair]

What I'm Pinning - Blunt Bobs & Balayage Hair Trends

Pinterest has become an addictive program for me, as it has for most people. I love looking at other people’s Pinterest boards. Each board is a little peak inside their mind – what they love, what kind of style they have (or want), inspirational words that speak to them, what their taste buds crave. I thought it would be fun to do a mini-series and share some of my favorite pins with everyone. These pins are photos that inspire me or links that made my week a little brighter. I think everyone could use a good old-fashion smile every now-and-again. :) This segment will be all about the hair I dream of!

If you take a gander at my Pinterest you’ll notice one thing VERY quickly – I have underlying issues about cutting and coloring my hair. I have an entire board, with a whopping 265 pins on just my hair cut and color. I am in love with blunt bobs & balayage hair color! This gives my hairstylist an idea of what I want, but I also use it as motivation to actually go forth with cutting and coloring my hair. I have naturally dark brown hair, but as I get older I want to change it up a bit – lighten it up for summer and have some dimension to it. I LOVE balayage, escaille or sun kissed looking color. Since my hair is very dark I thought it would be impossible to get lower maintenance hair color, but this new technique has given us brunettes hope! For this specific Pinterest board I pin only the color that I think I could achieve. The girl in the photo has to have darker roots and darker eyebrows. Hint hint: you’ll see a lot of Cara Delevingne – I just love her. I have some color now, but the colorist didn’t know how to do the actual balayage so she just ‘winged it’. So, yeah.. it’s not too amazing. I am on the hunt for a great colorist in Houston that specializes in that sort of thing if you are trained or know anyone that is – let me know! :)

What I'm Pinning - Blunt Bobs & Balayage Hair Trends

For my major chop I am gearing up for (I’ve been gearing up for probably like 3 years now – nobody actually believes I will cut it) a blunt, possibly a little asymmetrical bob or lob (I kind of what in-between a bob and lob.. a mob? No, that can’t be right..). I pin girls that are relatively the same as me: a rounder face, shorter or petite, tan skin complexion and if possible bigger eyes (I.E. Sarah Hyland & Lucy Hale). I want to see how the cut falls on them because it would give me an idea of what it might look like on me. Now, this is a major plunge for me. I have always had long hair since I have been grown. And I am talking LONG. Like accidentally tucking it in my pants and little girls asking me I am a mermaid, long. The last time I had hair short than past my shoulders was probably in junior high. I, unfortunately, grew it out because some kid tried to bully me telling people I looked like Michael Jackson (I had short, almost black hair, paler skin and a little nose). Notice I said, “tried to bully me” I am pretty sure he didn’t know who he was messing with – he was quite surprised when I confronted him. Ain’t nobody got time for bullies. He later tried to hit on me in high school – jokes on you buddy. (Sassy hand in the face. #winning)  Anyway, ever since junior high my hair has grown as long as I can get it and it thrives this way.


Anh Co Tran can do no wrong. He is a pure hair genius.

What I'm Pinning - Blunt Bobs & Balayage Hair Trends

Take a peak at the rest of my hair cut/color board here. 

I get so many compliments on my hair and how healthy it is. I know that long hair like this is not attainable for most people – they try to grow it to this length, but don’t have the patience. So when I tell people I am going to cut it they act like it pains them, “NOOOO!!”. It makes me second-guess myself, “Why am I cutting this hair that some people would die to have?” Does anyone else have this major inner conflict with cutting their hair? Or is it just me? Am I crazy? hahah! :D Another problem I face: my amazingly handsome hubby has a man-bun. And I mean a man-bun. No tiny half shaved nonsense – a straight up Jared Leto-esque glory man-bun. He loves it. I love it. Everyone envies it. Would it be weird to have shorter hair than my husband? Or is it weird that I don’t care? Or do I? I’m pretty sure I am over-thinking this like everything else in my life. OR AM I?? hahaha!

I donated 13+ inches in September of 2013 and it is already back down to my waist again March 2015. The trouble with my long hair is that it is heavy. My pony tail weighs down my head and gravity relentlessly pulls until I get a headache. My hair is naturally a mermaid-type of wavy so it is way too easy for me to do nothing to it. I only know how to lazy-girl fix it like my knot pony tail or throw on a headband. I am terrified of a brush. I probably brush my hair about once a week. Maybe. When we sleep my hair wraps around my neck like it’s trying to kill me – or my husband. So, my long hair has got to go! I am excited to see the new possibilities with styling my new cut! So, now that I know it will grow back (and I am reassured it will grow back fast) I think I am ready. Are y’all as obsessed with this hair cut and color as I am?

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