5 Best Travel Beauty Products [Beauty]

The 5 Best Travel Beauty Products //

I am super excited to share with you my top 5 best travel beauty products that I have stashed in my bag! I have to admit I love travel size beauty products because they are cheaper, so you can buy more of them! :) I was always scared to branch out with beauty products. I use to just stick to what I know works – I mean why change? But I get more and more curious with all these beauty trends popping up – so I figured I would jump in the beauty world and have some fun without dipping in to my travel fund!

The 5 Best Travel Beauty Products //

I have a new obsession for travel beauty products – I use them on the reg. Plus you are technically suppose to change mascaras every 3 months and with my brand new eyeballs (I recently had Visian ICL surgery where they implanted lenses in my eyes) I need to protect those suckers! They were expensive! :P I have used the same mascara since early high school (the pink one with the green top), but I have seen SO many great reviews of Benefit’s They’re Real mascara. I decided to pick up a travel size at Ulta and I am very impressed! The mascara really keeps it’s hold all day long. My curl lasts so much longer because the mascara doesn’t weigh down my lashes.

I wear Urban Decay’s Eye Shadow Primer every time I put eyeshadow on. I have oddly oily eyelids and this stuff has been a life-saver. I can finally wear eyeshadow without looking in the mirror after a couple of hours to only see a messy crease. Creasy eyelids is the last thing I want to worry about in all my travel photos! A little bit goes a long way with this primer!

Keep your glow throughout the day with Lorac’s travel size TANtalizer baked bronzer. I literally only look normal and healthy with a tan. It is very difficult to stay tan during the winter months so I love to use a bronzer to get a nice tan glow. I snagged this one while waiting in the checkout line at Ulta – they always get me with the enticing travel size beauty products in the line!

Be sure to grab Urban Decay’s travel size All Nighter Make-up setting spray to get the most out of your makeup! While traveling you don’t want to be constantly fixing runny makeup or complexion problems. Make it all stay put the first time with this awesome spray!

Clinique is one of the most trusted brands in skincare. I use the moisturizing gel every single day. It is nice and light yet powerfully moisturizing. This little travel size lasts quite a long time for me! When I am traveling moisturizer is a MUST. You never know how your skin will react to a different climate and environment. Be sure to have a moisturizer on hand to calm your skin and protect it!

Hop on the travel beauty product train and let me know what you love! I want to try them all! :)


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