3 Coffee Hotspots in San Diego with Mazda


As you know, last month I went to San Diego for a bachelorette party and had an amazing time. This was partly thanks to the lovely people at Mazda, who were kind enough to lend me the new Mazda6 Grand Touring.

It was really enjoyable to drive, super comfortable, and perfect for driving around in a city. It has all the features you need to navigate in city traffic, including a rearview camera, lane-keeping assistance and automatic braking. All these extra safety features would make it a great family car, and the great thing is that they are included as standard, so no need to pay extra!

Although we spent a lot of time on the beach and at our wonderful hotel, Tower23, we did venture out in search of a caffeine boost (thanks to too much tequila!). Here are 3 of the great coffee spots we managed to track down as we whizzed about town in the Mazda, in no particular order!

My Mazda 6 Grand Touring took me to:

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters

Both the coffee and the atmosphere at Bird Rock is amazing! The coffee selection regularly changes, and they responsibly and sustainably trade with some of the best farms in the world. They also have a great selection of snacks and the service is excellent. It’s pretty famous, and many will agree that this is where to go for the best coffee in San Diego!


This place is great if you want to enjoy the sunshine, as there’s an outdoor deck with plenty of comfortable seating. In addition to the usual choices, they also have a few creations of their own, such as the Smoky Mocha, an espresso with spices and Lapsang tea. They also have a great breakfast menu and plenty of sweet treats.

Copa Vida

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The owners of Copa Vida are serious about coffee, and they have all the gadgets and gizmos to prove it! They are totally dedicated to perfecting the art of coffee (and tea) brewing, so of course their selection of drinks is superb. The venue itself is impressive too, and they offer a good variety of breakfast and lunch bites.

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