Babecation // featuring Dawn from Dawn P Darnell blog

Babecation featuring Dawn from Dawn P Darnell blog talks to Think Elysian about travel style and tips.

Babecation featuring Dawn from Dawn P Darnell blog talks to Think Elysian about travel style and tips. www.thinkelysian.comI’m sorry I’m running a little behind on the Babecation feature this week!

Last Tuesday Dawn showed off her style in Think Elysian Boutique’s Mojave Shift Dress – I think it is the perfect beach dress! I think I am becoming a hat person. She just looks so great in that floppy hat! Dawn is the fit, stylish blogger behind her blog Dawn P Darnell. I totally get so inspiration from Dawn – she posts great health and work-out tips! Be sure to check her out!


Dawn’s Must-Have Vacation Pieces:

“1. Mojave Dress – perfect light weight dress you can dress up or down!

2. Birds of a feather dress – a wrap dress is fun and versatile, perfect for the beach, exploring out in the town, or a party with friends.

3. Boho floppy hat – perfect for a bad hair day, rainy day, or even a sunny day. Functional yet very fashionable no matter where your travels may bring you.” (On SALE now!)

Check out Dawn’s travel Q&A including tips on how she travels in style plus where she is headed next below!


What was your favorite vacation or trip? Why? 

My favorite trip has to be when I did a road trip through California. It was absolutely beautiful. I love being outdoors and rock climbing. We went through the Mojave desert, climbed Mt. Whitney, went to Yosemite, and ended in San Francisco. It was absolutely breath taking to be surrounded by the beauties of nature.

Babecation featuring Dawn from Dawn P Darnell blog talks to Think Elysian about travel style and tips.

Who or what has inspired you to travel? 

National Geographics, and Globe Trekker. I would watch those shows religiously as a kid at it inspired me to travel the world.


Do you have any funny memories or silly mishaps while visiting a different country or place?

There was one time where going off the beaten path was not very rewarding as I thought it would be. I look back at it as a lesson learned, but at that moment I was very scared. We were coming down from climbing Mt. Whitney and I though I had found a short cut to get to the bottom. I told my friend I would take the short cut and meet him at the bottom. So being the adventurer that I was I went off the guided trail and ended up finding myself dead end at a cliff. But the worse part was, because of the altitude and my location, no matter how loud I screamed for help no one could hear me. I eventually back tracked my way back to the trail and made it safely down, but it was definitely a lesson learned some paths are meant to followed.


How long does it take you to pack? Are you a backpacker or a complete matching luggage set kind of girl?

It takes me a good day to pack. I’m the type of girl that has to try on every outfit before I pack it. I like to try to pack as light and as efficient as I can, without sacrificing style, so trying on my outfits helps me from bringing excess things I don’t really need. Plus when I travel, I like to make room for potential souvenirs or future clothing items I might purchase on my trip. ;) Gives me an excuse to go shopping while I’m on my trip. I’m definitely a backpacker kind of girl, but I love to match when I’m going on a girls trip!

Babecation featuring Dawn from Dawn P Darnell blog talks to Think Elysian about travel style and tips.

How do you stay stylish while traveling?

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. Sometimes all it takes is a simple necklace and earrings to make your outfit. Or even a cute hat, for those days you don’t have time to do your hair.


How would you describe your style? Do the places you travel to influence your style at all?

I’m a tomboy at heart that loves to play dress up. I think one of my favorite things about traveling is the opportunity to dress up for the trip. Yes I might be workout pants and a sweatshirt kind of mom 95% of the time, but when I travel I get to escape and be whoever I want to be. I love experiencing different cultures, and trying on their native styles. When I went to Dubai I bought me a native handmade Sari, hoping one day someone invites me to a Middle Eastern Wedding so I can show it off. Traveling inspires me to step out of my comfort zone and try something new.


What is your advice for all the women out there who want to starting living their passions whether that be blogging, styling, traveling, etc. but feel like they’re stuck?

There is no time like today. Sometimes we plan for this perfect time that we end up waiting too long, and we let the opportunity pass us by. Carpe Diem. Seize the day. The only one stopping you from living your dreams is you. Don’t be your own road block.


Babecation featuring Dawn from Dawn P Darnell blog talks to Think Elysian about travel style and tips.

Do you have any upcoming travel plans?

We will be visiting my brother in Austin in a couple weeks and do a little hiking around Barton Creek, but since I just had my baby, I won’t be going out of state till next July to Chicago for my sorority’s National convention.


What is your dream vacation – and what do you wear?!

I would love to go to China and see the Panda’s at the panda reserve one day. My dream is to take a picture of a baby panda on my lap lol. I would probably wear something comfortable and conservative to comply to their country’s culture and standards. I would love to purchase a traditional Chinese attire for my collection.



What travel advice do you have for others?

  • Sleep as much as you can on the plane. I never fly without my travel pillow. It’s a must have!
  • Keep it comfortable. Make sure you have shoes you can walk for hours in. A comfortable pair of shoes can make or break a trip.
  • Eat light. Don’t over indulge because you don’t want to be in a foreign place with a stomachache. A heavy meal can slow you down.


Who inspires you most to reach for your dreams and why?

My son, because I want to be an example for him to live his life and go after his dreams. I want him to be proud of his mama for working hard and never quitting to achieve my dreams.


Babecation featuring Dawn from Dawn P Darnell blog talks to Think Elysian about travel style and tips.



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