Babecation // Featuring Chiara from Pied a Terre [Travel]

Chiara blogger from Pied a Terre featured on Think Elysian Travel + Style blog -

Chiara blogger from Pied a Terre featured on Think Elysian Travel + Style blog -

Each Tuesday I will be featuring bloggers, travelers, and every girl boss in-between to share their travel stories, tips, tricks, and inspiration! Get ready because we have some amazing Houston bloggers on deck first!! Rep it Houston! :) I really wanted to start this feature series with my hometown gals because local Houstonians are my predominant following – LOVE the hometown support yall!! I want to show you all the #girlbosses living right here in Houston that are traveling, working, and living without boundaries.

I am super excited to introduce to you Chiara, blogger from Pied a Terre! So, Chiara’s Instagram caught my eye while I was poking around #houstonbloggers. She’s gorg and her style is so fresh and fun! Chiara is a former ballerina and contemporary dancer (of course, look at those legs! :P) and current director of marketing and media for Zayver Jewels and Co-Founder of health website She also recently showed off her Think Elysian Boutique style – I love the way she styled this off the shoulder crop top!! This girl is a go-getter and taking the fashion world by storm!


Read about Chiara’s favorite vacation in the Dominican Republic and what amazing tips she has for traveling in style! 


Chiara blogger from Pied a Terre featured on Think Elysian Travel + Style blog -

Who or what has inspired you to travel? 

My parents of course! They were great adventurers traveling to Timbucktu, motorcycling across North Africa and South Europe in their 20s, canoeing, portaging and camping in North Ontario, Canada to name a few. They way cooler than I am in comparison.

travel tips from fashion bloggers - www.thinkelysian.comWhat travel advice do you have for others? 

-Comfortable cute shoes are a must!

-Hydrate on the plane for sure.

-Planning looks before a trip and storing the photos on your smart phone is super helpful way to be organized and pack exactly what you need.

Chiara blogger from Pied a Terre featured on Think Elysian Travel + Style blog -

Photo Credit: Kurmanova Photography

Do you have any funny memories or silly mishaps while visiting a different country or place? 

Last September I was visiting Italy. The first day I arrived to Milan I should have paced myself but in my excitement to be back I walked everywhere ( it should be noted that I refuse to wear running shoes other than for working out). The following day my feet were dead- I couldn’t wear any of the shoes I had packed and I had 4 more days left in Milan! I had to tote around different flats shoes with me and even bought a few pairs at random stores throughout the days just because my feet could not be in the same pair of shoes for so long.
travel tips from fashion bloggers -

What was your favorite vacation or trip? Why? 

It is IMPOSSIBLE to top my time spent in the Dominican Republic as a child. My family had a house near the beach in Sousa in a residential development called the Sea Horse Ranch. No TV, internet didn’t exist, we spend our days snorking along the reef, horseback riding ( it was a ranch development after all ) and lots of family time! Nothing was touristy or too commercial. Most evenings my parents and I would lie out on the lawn chairs in our backyard looking up at the star-filled sky. My parents would tell me stories ( thats where I first heard the Illiad and Odessey tales ) and I would share the Greek stories behind the constellations while trying to locate them in the sky.

Chiara blogger from Pied a Terre featured on Think Elysian Travel + Style blog -

How long does it take you to pack? Are you a backpacker or a complete matching luggage set kind of girl? 

Im in between the two. It depends where I’m going and why. I tend to pack more than I need most of the time but I’ve been able to get all my needs in a carry-on when the time calls for it.


How do you stay stylish while traveling? 

Other than planing out my travel outfits before hand I am sure to pack extra “go with everything pieces” like neutral sweaters or jackets in case it’s chilly and a staple pair of jeans

Chiara blogger from Pied a Terre featured on Think Elysian Travel + Style blog -

How would you describe your style? Do the places you travel to influence your style at all?  

Of course. Though I have a fairly constant style of my own destinations are always inspiring my wardrobe and packing. For example South Florida is always super colorful and a tad more preppy in some areas while Austin is very cool and laid back

travel tips from fashion bloggers - www.thinkelysian.comWhat is your advice for all the women out there who want to starting living their passions whether that be blogging, styling, traveling, etc. but feel like they’re stuck? 

Be authentic to yourself. It sounds cliche, but I really believe that the most important thing you can do in life is be happy with yourself. Only positive things and prosperity can come from being the best you…. that, and a lot of hard work! If you are feeling stuck take some time and re evaluate you life what roadblock you are at and why. That being said there are many obstacles on the road to any dream worth pursuing.


Do you have any upcoming travel plans?

Upcoming traveling plans for the remainder of the year are Austin this week, Anna Maria Island, Florida in September, Key West in December… and then we have our Christmas break where we usually take in South Florida.

Chiara blogger from Pied a Terre featured on Think Elysian Travel + Style blog -

Photo Credit: Kurmanova Photography

What is your dream vacation – and what do you wear?! 

My dream vacation is always changing but right now I want to stay in a water bungalow in Bora Bora. I would wear bathing suits, espadrilles and everything from Calypso St. Barth.



Stay tuned for next week’s featured blogger!

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