10 Road Trip Packing Essentials

10 Road trip packing essentials / packing tips for travel //

Road trip season is here! I thought I’d put a list together of our road trip packing essentials. Summer is always filled with so many adventures. We always take road trip to San Antonio or Austin (hey! It’s hard to get out of Texas – it’s huge! :P) and these are some things we can’t live without!

10 Road Trip Packing Essentials

1. Travel Mug – It doesn’t hurt to have a cute travel mug to keep the caffeine and hydration going on a long drive. I love these insulated mugs perfect for traveling! You can keep your water cool or your coffee/tea hot for hours!

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2. Multi-plug power outlet – Road trips are so much fun with friends, but don’t get stuck fighting over the charger! Buy a multi-plug outlets so that you can charge more than one phone at a time.

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3. In-car Garbage Bin – This is something you don’t know you miss until you are in the middle of nowhere and have trash all over the car. Being in a stuffy car can make you feel a little claustrophobic don’t contribute to that feeling by having snack wrappers and trash all around you. Having a designated trash will keep the car clean and keep everyone sane.

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4. Camera – Don’t leave home without a camera! Sometimes depending on your phone is not enough. I love my Canon GX7 – it is small, but mighty with GREAT quality. I love to catch road trip lip syncs and silly moments. Shop all my travel gear here!

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5. GPS/Satellite Radio – Don’t get stuck without any service! Satellite radio is perfect for road trips! No more flipping through foreign radio stations to find a channel you like. Sirius Radio has been a life saver for us especially driving from Houston to Los Angeles. We could keep the radio on our favorite channels and have dependable GPS navigation to keep us on the right track.

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6. Clean up wipes – You will need these! Whether its a coffee or slushy spill it will happen. You’ll need some wipes to clean up messes and disinfect those germs that will accumulate.

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7. Travel cooler – Unless you plan on stopping every hour and getting a nice cold drink you’ll want to have a travel cooler for your road trip. These coolers are small and perfect to keep your drinks chill until you are ready for them.

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8. First Aid Kit – You never know what can happen. Someones fingers get rolled up in the window or you slice your fingers on the bean dip or nuts can. Always be sure you have some first aid essentials – you don’t want to be wrapping a cut with a Frito’s chip bag!

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9. Travel Skin & Hair care – Road trips can be stuffy and no good for your skin or hair. Trust me, you’ll feel SO much better once you refresh yourself! Be sure to take care of your skin – see my road trip skincare tips here!

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10. Auto Essentials – PLEASE be safe while traveling! Always have a spare tire and other auto essentials in case of a minor incident. Triple A is always great to have if you are going on an extensive road trip!

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What are your road trip essentials? 

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